On the checkout page, select “ I will upload my ID document using Inverite Age Verify (fastest)” and fill in your billing information. Your shipping First Name and Last Name will be set automatically from the ID document that you upload.

When you have filled in the rest of the fields, press “ Place Order” to proceed to the Inverite verification page. Follow the instructions to upload the front and the rear of your ID document, and press “I Agree” to submit the documents for verification.

*Canadian ID only – please note that we cannot accept ID from other countries as this is a Canadian Exclusive business.

What forms of ID can I use with Inverite?

  • Driver’s License

  • National ID Card

  • Passport

Troubleshooting Tips:

Make sure:

  • you’re NOT using a webcam to take a photo.

  • your card is on a flat surface.

  • your card is horizontal (example).

  • your camera lens is clean.

  • your picture doesn’t have shadows.

  • your picture is straight and clear.

  • your picture is less than 5mb.

If the above doesn’t work, just close the window, and email us at [email protected] with your order number and your ID document, and we will manually verify your ID document and approve your account.

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