Becoming a XpressGrass member is easy and can be completed by following these simple steps on our sign up page .

We appreciate you taking the time to complete your new registration to become a member of our XpressGrass family.

You will be asked to add your email and create a strong password. This will give you access to your Account dashboard to update your account details, orders, change your password and more. Click the Account Details link to complete your registration (First and last name for your account and the display name that will appear on the site when you review your items).

There is only one more step before completing the process to ensure you are 19+yrs old before you can start ordering. You can complete the verification process during the registration or at the checkout.

There are 2 different ways to have your account verified:

1. Inverite

(fastest way to get your account approved) You can use your government issued ID, Drivers License, Passport or National ID. From either your computer or smartphone, follow the instructions to upload 1 photo of the front, and 1 photo of the back of your ID card.

For more information on Inverite, please visit their website.

2. By Email

You can send us a clear photo of your government issued ID, Drivers Lincense, Passport or National ID to [email protected] to verify you are 19+yrs old. Please include the email address that you used to complete your registration. Our team will review your photo within 24hrs of you completing the sign up. You will be emailed confirming your registration status, please add us to your address book to ensure you never miss an email from us.

Once your account has been approved, your ID photos will be deleted from our secure server.

If you have any issues uploading your photos, or further questions about your registration, please reach out to us.

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